Strengthening Fleet with 16.000 DWT Segment

We are pleased to announce that Borealis Tankers now increase their commercial portfolio thanks to the addition of 3 new DWT 16.000 sister vessels: M/T Chem Leader, M/T Chem Premier and M/T Chem Hero. With such move, fleet widens to the range between DWT 4.000 to DWT 16.000, which gives the opportunity now to have benefit of covering larger variety of cargoes of different sizes.

Since day one, we are dedicated to serve our customers with top quality service and with our growing fleet, we’ll give our utmost effort to continue to do so. With the new recruited vessels, Borealis Tankers is not only aiming for a stronger dominance in Europe with its solid presence, but also will be covering more deep sea cargoes as well.

For more details on M/T Chem Leader, M/T Chem Premier and M/T Chem Hero, please see FLEET section on our website.